AnkhBot R2

Ankhbot is a small project I've been working on for a while now. I'm quite an avid watcher of livestreams on Twitch. There were quite a few bots available for use but most of them limited the user with the amount of commands they could create because they were hosted off a big server and everyone was using the same one which had the same name in every channel.

The goal of this project is to give streamers a tool without as many limitations. It has a large amount of customizability and gives the user a certain amount of freedom.

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(Important Notice: As of 25 December 2015 development has stopped on AnkhBot. No new features will be added during the year except for Xmas/New Year as a present to the people that're still using it. Things that're broken will be fixed though. On a side note the bot is NEVER going to be Open Sourced.)

(Note: Make sure Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 and x64 are installed!)

(As of late Windows Defender has decided to flag AnkhBot as a Trojan but this is merely a false positive. Open up Defender, click on History, and you'll see the file it has quarantined and it can be restored.)


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00 - Can the bot do this, that and these things?

Be sure to read the ENTIRE Documentation. It might just contain the answer you're looking for. It exists to help you so please use it ;)

01 - Oauth: Token is not working?

Make sure you generate the token using the correct account. The bot token has to be generated using the bot's Twitch account. The Streamer token has to be generated using your own Twitch account. Also be sure to copy the entire token including the oauth: part at the beginning.

02 - Songrequest Google Document not updating?

There is an issue with Google docs that forces them into read only mode after a certain amount of time. This prevents the document from updating. In order to fix this simply go over to your document and clear the headers and restart the bot. Upon reconnecting it will be able to resync the list. You might have to do this once in a while as this problem could pop up occasionally.

In case the above doesn't help try going through the Google Login Authorization process again from scratch.

1) Go to your Ankhbotdata_botnamehere_songlist (botnamehere will be your bot's name) on google drive
2) Hover over the nr 1 on the left side
3) Right click and click on Clear Row
4) Disconnect Google Login on the Bot and Reconnect it

03 - Songrequest not working at all?

Make sure the CefSharp.BrowserSubProcess.exe is not blocked by your AntiVirus/Firewall. This file can be found in the bot's install directory under the Lib folder. Be sure to whitelist it if there are issues.

If that does not resolve your problem close the bot, go into the Twitch -> Settings folder in the bot's install directory and delete the SongQueue.bin and SongRequestSettings.bin. Afterwards launch the bot again.

04 - I want to transfer my data to another computer?

All your locally stored data can be found in the Bot's install directory. Simply transfer/backup your Twitch folder as this contains all your settings/databases.

05 - My SFX aren't playing at all?

Make sure Windows Media Player is installed since that's being used in the background to play the audio.

06 - Songs by Name instead of URL/Token? (Page 26 of the Documentation... Read it...)

On a side note in the Song Request section of the localization you can change the functionality of the songrequest command so it also works with searching by keywords. If you wish to do this simply replace the $id parameter in the Song Request Functionality field with $readapi($msg) This will allow users to type !songrequest Hotline Bling. Which will call the API and it will return the ID for you. This is useful for Mobile users.

07 - Bot's Freezing up when it tries to connect / nothing happens / stuck at attempting to connect?

Your Anti-Virus most likely destroyed the Websocket-Sharp.dll file. You can download this file again on this page. You simply have to open up the Bot's Install Directory, Navigate to the Lib Folder and place it in there and then restart the bot again.

08 - Not able to Auto Update?

Your Anti-Virus, Firewall, Router,... is blocking the update. Whitelist the entire AnkhBot Directory to prevent it from tampering with anything that the bot does. If this does not help then go to Help -> Create a backup and backup all your data or do it manually by following FAQ #04.

Next up download the latest version manually and install that. By default it should install in the directory where AnkhBot already resides and will overwrite just the core files such as the .exe, .dlls, etc...

If for some reason your files go missing be glad. You made a backup if you read this entire paragraph. So simply move the Databases, Files and Settings folders that reside in the backup folder in the Bot's Install Directory -> Twitch Folder and open the bot and everything should be there.

09 - Are you having a problem and the solution is not here?

You can either send an e-mail directly to (in case of crashes/issues mail attach your Errorlog.txt which can be found in the bot's install directory) or tweet me over at if you have a simple question.